05 Mar 2018

Where Can I Use Motorised Pivot Arm Awnings Around My Home?

by John Fulton

With convenience often at the top of the list, more and more homeowners are looking into motorised awnings as the ideal solutions for their home. One of the most popular options is pivot arm awnings, which are designed to come down over the window at an angle (this creates an arc that allows for ample air flow behind the screen, as well as providing the window with clearance to open). But where can they be used around your home?

  • Alfresco Areas
    If you have an outdoor space where you enjoy entertaining but wish it could be better protected against the elements, this could be just the solution you’ve been looking for. An awning is quite effective at blocking sunlight, UV rays, rain and wind, ensuring that the space is kept as comfortable as possible all year round.
  • Balconies
    Many people are on the lookout for solutions to protect their balconies, especially if they live in an apartment and this is the only outdoor space available. Motorised awnings are a fantastic option, as they will come down from the roof and shield the space behind. This is great for drying washing and growing plants year round.
  • Bifold Doors
    An increasing number of homes are choosing to add bifold doors as a way of joining their indoor and outdoor living areas. Whilst these doors are incredibly functional and attractive, they do pose a problem in terms of exposure to the elements. Pivot arm awnings are a great option, as they can allow the doors to operate as intended.
  • Second Storey
    Finding solutions to suit the second or even third story of the home can be challenging, particularly as you are restricted in the way that you can access the exterior of the window. Whether you’ve opted for a motorised function or not, these awnings are ideal for second storeys because their function is always controlled from the inside.
  • Sliding Doors
    Similar to the problems posed by bifolds, sliding doors are great for joining your home’s indoor and outdoor living areas but their larger spans can make protection difficult. Motorised awnings can be a great way to shield the opening from the elements without hindering the door’s ability to open and close as desired.
  • Windows
    These types of awnings are particularly suited to casement windows, which open outwards at a similar angle to the shade, as they allow plenty of space for the mechanism to operate without hindering its function. They’re also suited to all other types of window – rest assured that you will be able to open them up when desired.

If you have decided that motorised awnings are the best choice for your home and that pivot arm awnings are the most appropriate style, we hope that the list provided above has given you some ideas of the sorts of openings they work best with. Choose from the wide range of available fabrics – including acrylic (minimal light penetration), canvas (maximum light blockage) or mesh (maximum light penetration) – to ensure your perfect match.