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09 April 2019
by John Fulton

If you’re looking for a way to add shade to your property and protect your interior from the harsh Australian sun, then there is often no greater choice than with the installation

13 February 2019
by John Fulton

Have you ever considered installing awnings in your home? It may not be something you think of often – and we don’t blame you.

23 October 2018
by John Fulton

Whilst no one is denying their convenience and aesthetic appeal, many homeowners feel they cannot justify the cost of motorised awnings so stick with traditional manual ones.

15 October 2018
by John Fulton

Curtains and blinds are rarely considered when renovating your home, and the same is true of our exterior. We may plant some shrubs or add a water feature.

13 June 2018
by John Fulton

Have you always thought that retractable and motorised awnings are the same thing? Although this is a common belief, it is actually quite an incorrect one.

02 May 2018
by John Fulton
Whilst many people enjoy the shade and shelter that awnings provide, they don’t relish struggling to get them opened and closed all the time.
05 March 2018
by John Fulton
With convenience often at the top of the list, more and more homeowners are looking into motorised awnings as the ideal solutions for their home.
06 February 2018
by John Fulton

Do you feel as if your alfresco area is missing something? Many homeowners encounter this problem, but can’t quite put their fingers on what the issue is.

15 January 2018
by John Fulton

It is no secret that awnings are a great addition to any home – they suit homes of all sizes (from single level to two storey) and are available in a variety of fabrics and colours

25 July 2016
by John Fulton

If you are in the marketing for some new window coverings for your home, you might be wondering whether fixed or retractable awnings are the better choice.