06 Feb 2018

The Many Benefits Of Installing Retractable Window Awnings On Your Alfresco Area

by John Fulton

Do you feel as if your alfresco area is missing something? Many homeowners encounter this problem, but can’t quite put their fingers on what the issue is. You might actually find that adding some screens to the space is exactly the final touch you’ve been searching for. Retractable window awnings make fantastic screens, as they will offer the space a variety of advantages that other available screening options simply cannot.

Read more about the benefits of retractable awning installation below:

  • Retractable
    Remember that these awnings are not permanent, which means that they can be opened and closed as desired. During the winter, for example, it will allow you to close the space off so that it’s still usable when it rains whilst also allowing you to open the space up on those clearer days to let some sunlight into your home. They also offer the benefit of being partially opened depending on the weather.
  • Privacy
    One of the main reasons that homeowners choose to install retractable window awnings is that they can significantly improve your alfresco area’s privacy. Whether you have nearby neighbours, you live on a busy street or you just value your solitude, you will be able to completely close the space off from prying eyes. This is especially true if you have opted for a solid fabric and darker colour, which acts as a block out.
  • Attractive
    There can be no denying that these awnings are a highly attractive addition to any alfresco area. Not only are they available in a variety of fabrics, colours and opacities (ensuring that your specific needs can be met with ease), they can be either manual or motorised to ensure a smooth and streamlined finish. Your home will be the envy of all who come to visit, as they’ll wish they had taken the plunge, too.
  • Protection
    Another reason for the popularity of retractable awning installation is the fact that it can provide your alfresco area with year round protection. Not only will it afford shelter from the wind, rain and even cold air, it will provide some extra shade from the sun. The elements can wreak havoc if left unattended, which is why it is important that you have taken steps to ensure that your home and family are protected.
  • Infestation
    A lesser-known benefit, the addition of awnings to your outdoor space can also help to protect it from playing host to all manner of insects. Let’s face it – the great outdoors is home to an array of bugs that you may not want to share dinner with, from ants and spiders to moths and cockroaches. If you can keep them out of your space without having to resort to chemical-laden repellents, all the better for your family.

As you can see, there are a number of benefits associated with retractable awning installation that simply cannot be passed up. If your alfresco area has issues with any of the things outlined above, this could be just the solution you’ve been looking for. We have a wide variety of retractable window awnings to choose from, ensuring that you’re able to find a perfect match for your needs and your home. Contact us to learn more.