13 Feb 2019

How Motorised Awnings Work

by John Fulton

Have you ever considered installing awnings in your home? It may not be something you think of often – and we don’t blame you. When most people think of home improvements, décor and interior design often come to mind. Yet if you have spared a thought for your outside areas and exterior windows, then you may be thinking about the benefits of awnings. The great news is, you no longer have to manually crank them open or close – they can now be controlled at the push of a button. But how do motorised awnings work?

  • What are they?
    Awnings are a great way to provide exterior coverage for your home, shading your windows and overing protection from the elements. Almost all the awnings in our range can be motorised, so if you see something you like whilst browsing, just ask! That way you can have a little luxury in every room of your home.
  • How do they work?
    Whilst motorised awnings may be easy to operate, they’re actually hiding state of the art technology within. They are powered by a small motor, which is strong enough to move even the largest of models – and small enough to hide inside the barrel that the fabric wraps around. Manufacturers have chosen the integrated tube motors due to their shape and built in design. Wiring passes through the entire awning and is easily connected to your power supply by a licensed electrician.

    By pushing the ‘Open’ button, you’re setting the motorised awnings into motion, winding the barrel and pulling the fabric cover out at the same time. If your model uses retractable arms, then they will be moved via spring tension or gas pistons. The tension in the springs or pressure from the gas allows them to open and close softly, and they simply follow the cover as it moves.

  • Where do they get their power?

    Generally, you have two options when it comes to powering your motorised awnings – hard wired or solar – and your personal tastes and needs will determine which is right for you.

    Hard wired awnings are connected to a 240-volt power supply by a licensed electrician. These are ideal for larger models or if you want more than one electric awning in your home. There is also no need to constantly replace batteries, as it’s running off your electricity supply.

    Solar powered options, on the other hand, are perfect for those wanting to do their bit for the environment. Eco friendly and energy efficient, these systems collect UV light via solar panels, and more often than not, don’t even need direct sunlight to work! They also don’t need to be installed by an electrician, saving you money on call-out costs.

  • Are there different ways to control them?
    When it comes to using your new motorised awnings, you have multiple choices here as well! Traditionally, a hand held remote has been a popular choice – battery powered and easy to use, these can work in any home. If you’re worried that you may lose your remote, consider a slimline wall mounted unit in a convenient location. Alternatively, if you’re a little bit more tech savvy, you can even use your smartphone or tablet! With this option, you can control internal blinds or external awnings on the one device – even when you’re not at home!

Like all electric items, motorised awnings are easy to use at face value – but complex below the surface. Generally, all you really need to know is how to open and close them, which can be done with the push of a button. Your electrician and our expert team know exactly how to have them installed to ensure they always work perfectly, every time.