15 Oct 2018

Enhance the Exterior of Your Home with Zip Awnings

by John Fulton

Curtains and blinds are rarely considered when renovating your home, and the same is true of our exterior. We may plant some shrubs or add a water feature, but when was the last time you stopped to think about your awnings? Whether you have mouldy outdated ones, or none at all, modern zip awnings can do wonders for your façade.

What are they?
Channel or ‘zip awnings’have become increasingly popular in recent years. With them, you can control how much light you let in, and how much privacy you get. When in use, the channel locks the fabric into a zip mechanism that runs neatly between the two channels on either side of your window. This zip technology adds tension to the fabric, so you can easily enclose and protect your windows. You can control them either manually or with a motorised remote or switch system – the choice is yours.

Their sleek modern design means they don’t take up much space, nor do they detract from your property’s appeal. Similar to roller blinds on the inside of your window, these awnings slide up and down the glass to let in or block out sunlight. You can even use them to create
al fresco entertaining areas and outdoor rooms.


Will they suit my home?
With so many fabrics and colours available, it’s easy to find zip awnings that suit your home – whether you prefer contemporary minimalism or a traditional period look. Acrylic fabric will allow limited light through without losing your privacy, and it will give your home added protection from the harsh Australian climate. Canvas fabric will block almost all light from coming into your house, so if you’re after a complete blockout style, then this could be the answer. They are also designed to be UV, mould and weather resistant, so you can rest assured know that they are durable. Lastly, you can choose our mesh option. This style is great for gentle light and air filtration, so it’s a good option if you still want your al fresco area to feel like it’s outside. The mesh is just as durable as the canvas and acrylic models, and some options are also flame retardant!

In terms of colour, you can choose to use neutral greys or creams to blend with your current style, or you could stand out from the crowd with bold colours or even stripes! If you are unsure which colour would suit your home, call or visit us today to speak with our expert décor consultants.


Are they energy efficient?
One of the best things about zip awnings is the energy efficiency that they can add to your home. Studies from experts around the world have found that fabric awnings can reduce heat gain by as much as 65% whilst the sun is shining directly onto your southern facing windows. If your windows face west, these reductions can rise to as much as 77%. This means you won’t be reaching for the air conditioner quite as much – and your hip pocket will thank you!

If you’re looking for an attractive and modern way to protect your windows and entertaining areas, then zip awnings could be the answer you’re looking for. If you need help deciding which style is right for your home, our expert team would be happy to help. We will even come to you for a free measure and quote!