13 Jun 2018

Differences Between Retractable Awnings And Motorised Awnings

by John Fulton

Have you always thought that retractable and motorised awnings are the same thing? Although this is a common belief, it is actually quite an incorrect one – motorised and retractable awnings actually have a number of differences that set them apart as completely different products. We have discussed some of these differences in the list below for your convenience:

Retractable Awnings

This is the name given to a specific type of awning that extends outwards over a space rather than downwards, allowing them to provide overhead protection as well as protection for windows and doors.

  • Fabric Choices – These coverings can be made from a variety of different fabrics, including acrylic (excellent for shade and privacy), canvas (excellent for shade and resistant to UV, mould and weathering) and mesh (excellent for shade, filters light and airflow).
  • Opening Combinations – There are two opening combinations to choose between, including crank (which is completely manual – simply turn the handle to extend or retract the covering) and motorised (remote control and switch systems are available).
  • Colour Choices – These awnings are available in a wide variety of colours, ensuring that you’re able to choose the most appropriate one for your home. Stick with neutral colours, such as black and grey, or go for something bolder, such as green or red.

Retractable awnings are a fantastic choice for larger outdoor areas, as they can be made to span up to a massive 15 metres wide. They can also be mounted on the wall or off the roof (depending on the size and layout of the space).

Motorised Awnings

This is the name given to any type of awning that has been fitted with a motor, allowing it to open and close at the push of a button or on a timer (rather than needing to do these things manually).

  • Awning Types – A variety of our coverings can be motorised, including standard (fixed guide option only), pivot arm (allows for good airflow), zip/channel (perfect to enclose an alfresco space) and retractable (provides overhead protection).
  • Motors – There are two motor options available, including 240 volt hard wired (which is installed by an electrician and is ideal for larger or multiple coverings) and solar powered (which is an eco friendly option and, in most situations, doesn’t require direct sunlight).
  • Controls – There are three types of controls to choose from, including hand held (battery powered and easy to use), wall mount (mounted in a convenient location) and smart phone (provides the ability to control the coverings when not at home).

Motorised awnings offer a number of benefits that manual coverings simply do not, including: improved security for the home and sensors that will retract or extend the shield based on the weather (such as sun, rain and wind).

We hope that the information we have provided above has shown you just how different retractable and motorised awnings actually are. Whilst many people incorrectly assume they are the same thing, or at least similar, it is important to view motorised and retractable awnings as individual window coverings in their own right. Good luck and happy shopping!