25 Jul 2016

Benefits of Retractable Awnings Over Fixed Awnings

by John Fulton

If you are in the marketing for some new window coverings for your home, you might be wondering whether fixed or retractable awnings are the better choice. When you stop and consider all of the benefits offered by retractable ones, we believe that the better choice is obvious. Whilst both will offer sun protection and shade, it’s the finer details that set the two apart.

  • Ability to Open and Close
    One of the best advantages offered by retractable coverings is that they can be opened and closed according to the weather or your plans for the outdoor space. This is one thing that fixed awnings cannot offer, as they are permanently retracted at all times. On a nice, sunny day you will be unable to enjoy the sunshine in covered areas.?
  • Sun & Glare Protection
    When deployed, these awnings will provide your home with exceptional protection against the sun and glare. The fabric prevents heat from gaining access to your windows, lessening the amount that passes through into your home. It also makes watching television and computer screens more comfortable, as glare is eliminated.

  • No Damage During Storms
    When the weather starts to turn (rain, hail, wind, snow or even a storm), you will be able to retract the awning and secure it in the head rail. This will help to protect it from damage caused by these more severe weather conditions. Wind, in particular, can cause serious and even irreparable damage to window coverings that are left open.
  • Long Lasting
    You should expect your retractable awnings to last between 5 and 10 years before needing to be replaced (depending on its degree of mechanization). Regular maintenance can help to further extend its life, as can retracting it when not in use or during storms. These coverings experience less stretching, bowing and fading than fixed ones.
  • Light & Heat in the Home
    On cooler or cloudy days, the awnings can be retracted to allow the maximum amount of sunlight and heat to enter your home and outdoor living areas. This can help to make the spaces more comfortable, as leaving them in the shade will only make them feel colder. It can also lower your use of heaters (or the temperature it’s set at).

We hope that the points discussed above have shown you exactly why retractable awnings are a better choice for your home then fixed ones. They might be a little more expensive initially, but when you consider all of the additional benefits that they will offer your home and family, it becomes clear that they will be well worth it.